Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility: Standards, Guidelines, Testing & Evaluation Tools


In this piece, we’ll address the critical importance of accessibility, the laws and regulations currently in practice, and the testing and evaluation tools you can use...

Why hiring a foreign worker via a local intermediary is more safe?

Hiring a foreign independent contractor or intermediary for your remote project?


How to neutralize the risks of hiring a contractor or a freelancer? In our previous article “How to pay your foreign employees?” we have mentioned that one of the...

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how-to-pay-your-foreign-remote-employees_The USA

How to pay your foreign remote workers?


It is becoming more and more popular to hire remote specialists not only for the short-term projects. After you successfully identify whether your foreign remote worker...

Top 6 things your american company should do before hiring a foreign independent

Top 6 Things every U.S. Company Should Do Before Hiring a Foreign Independent Contractor


Very often companies don’t realize the risk of liability that they are being exposed to when hiring the overseas remote specialists without any local intermediary...

Daily Schedule Post


Let us set up the margin of right and wrong: 1. Is it possible to begin your workday at 11:00 –...

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Knowledge is a power


I would like to devote this article to one of the vital principles of our team – “knowledge is a power.” Today, when almost any economic process gets automated,...

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Project Manager Role


So, who is he? In short, the key task of a project manager is to connect developers with a client. In general, it is quite simple. However, you can find a number of...

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Basic Principles and Rules of Our Team


Self-sufficiency, responsibility, punctuality, and proactivity (within our technological stack). Every employee can and must introduce all issues and offers he/she is...

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