The Ultimate Introduction to Kafka with JavaScript

In this article, you’ll learn basic terms and their definitions used in Kafka, architecture, Zookeeper, and how to create a producer and consumer using JavaScript that can interact with Kafka broker.


Tips and Tricks for a Newbie at Web Development: How to Prepare for the Interview

Technical questions are unavoidable for developers as you look for your programming job interviews. The way you handle these questions can help or hurt your chance of working with that company.

Category: Interview

Best Open Source Time Tracking Software

Herein, we’ll cover the best time tracking software that’s open-sourced and available for free.


Top 9 Web Components UI Libraries

Best web component libraries that are available today and that will be prominent in 2020 and after.

Category: Tips

Building a Telegram Bot with Node.js

In this article, you'll learn how to build a Telegram bot using Node.js.


Top 9 Bug Tracking Tools for Web Developers and Designers

One thing that has become a bottle-neck to the development of fast, sleek, and functional websites is the issue of BUGS.


List of Coding Games to Practice & Improve Your Programming Skills

In this post, we'll take a look at some of the best online games to learn new programming languages and practice your existing programming skills. Some of those are beginner only, others may seem far advanced at the start, but give it a go, and you'll thank us later. If we forgot to mention something, or you're building a cool game of your own, do let us know in the comments! Happy learning!


Form Validation in Vue Using Vuelidate

Collecting data from users is an important feature in web applications. The best approach is to make use of forms, which involves the user entering their information which will be stored in a database


Handling Side Effects in Redux: Redux-Saga

In this article, we will be covering the handling of side-effects in Redux. This article assumes you have knowledge of React and a bit of Redux.


TOP 13 Best Technical Writing Books | Learn the Technical Writing Craft [Bookmark Now!]

If you're looking for suggestions on the best books on technical writing, look no further -- herein, we've covered the TOP 13 technical writing books of all time.


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