Articles by: Denis Kryukov

AI in Recruitment: Cases and Trends


AI + HR: this combination helps companies lower the time they spend on sorting candidates and improve employee retention. Let's examine what exactly they're doing to...

VR and AR in Remote Work: Cases and Trends


To organize a remote team's workflow, we can utilize tools like VR and AR. Let's study cases of different companies to see how they do...

Top 10 Vue.js Interview Questions

Top 10 Vue.js Interview Questions


We continue providing you with reliable guidelines on how to hire web developers the right way — in this article, we’re covering the interview questions for Vue.js...

3 Best Practices for Building a Dedicated Remote Team


Vast distance between your remote professionals isn’t a problem — thanks to these team building practices, your remote team will work like a real...

5 Best Tools for Managing Your Web Developer’s Salary


The days of tracking your expenses and financial plans via a cumbersome ledger are long gone: your own financial planner is now just one tap away. With a myriad of...

SMART Financial Goals for Remote Workers


A professional's soft and hard skills help them define their future. Their skills in financial planning, on the other hand, help them make their future real....

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