Interview with Sergey

– Who are you?
– Hi! My name is Sergey, and I’m a full stack web developer from Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

– How long have you been working as a Full-Stack developer?
– I have been working as a web developer for the last 10 years, and I have experience with many languages and frameworks, including React, Meteor, Node JS, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

– What technology stack do you like best?
– I have a strong Javascript background, so I enjoy learning new JS-based frameworks. My favorite framework is React.

– Why React?
– React allows building powerful web applications with great performance and efficiency. I also like various React packages and tools like Redux, Saga which make the components more scalable.

– What attracts you most about working in a distributed team?
– I have been working in distributed teams for many years and I’m passionate about this style of work. It requires discipline and self-motivation, but it also gives great experience for professional growth, while providing flexible working hours.

– Are you a team player?
– Sometimes I work on projects individually, but I’m a good team player. I always appreciate any opportunity to work with other professionals and share our knowledge.

– Is there life outside of work?
– Of course, my life is not limited only to work. I like traveling and spending time with my family. But I’m doing my best to achieve the optimal balance between my job and personal life. It helps me work efficiently and always provide quality results in time.

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