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artwork depicting a technical interview website interface

Best Resources for Preparing for Your Technical Interview: Books and Online Platforms


Technical interviews are a staple of the tech world: they’re praised, they’re analyzed, they’re criticized, but they just cannot be ignored — after all, they...

artwork depicting a coding playground interface

Introduction to the Best Code Playgrounds: JSFiddle, Codepen, and CodeSandbox


With the advancements in JavaScript in the latest years, creating, editing, and running code is no longer constrained to offline editors running on the developer’s...

Running Remote Promo

Soshace Becomes a Media Partner of Running Remote in Bali


We are extremely proud and humbled to announce that we’ve become a Media Partner of Running Remote Conference that happens on June 29-30 in Bali....

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artwork depicting the world map where various JavaScript conferences take place

5 Awesome JavaScript Conferences to Attend in 2019


With web development being an incredibly popular domain, there’s no shortage of relevant events, meetups, and cons for web developers to gather. Still, with an...

artwork depicting a stylized logo of yarn, package manager

Yarn Package Manager in 2019: Should We Keep on Comparing Yarn with Npm?


Yarn was created by Facebook, Exponent, Google, and Tilde to improve upon the package management workflow. In this article, we’ll explore Yarn thoroughly and answer...

artwork depicting how sorting algorithms work

10 Sorting Algorithms Interview Questions: Theory and Practice for 2019


Proficiency in algorithms is such an essential part of programming knowledge that it’s hard to imagine great remote developers without it. The great thing about...

Best Udemy Online Courses to Learn JavaScript, React, Node, and Angular [Only Those Updated in 2019]

Best Udemy Online Courses to Learn JavaScript, React, Angular, and Node [Only Those Updated in 2019]


In case you're looking for complete, detailed, high-rated Udemy courses covering subjects like web development, JavaScript, React, Node, or Angular, then this article is...

TypeScript vs JavaScript vs Flow

Disadvantages of Using TypeScript


JavaScript is not, arguably, suitable for large complex applications, so the idea behind an additional script was to make it a complementary language that can be...

artwork depicting the interface of a Kanban board

Working the Agile Way: Lean and Kanban


Nowadays, agile is far more than just a number of principles – it incorporates complex methodologies like Lean manufacturing and Kanban. How can they be used to...

Bootstrap: TOP 5 Free Bootstrap Editors & Tools

Bootstrap: TOP 5 Free Bootstrap Editors & Tools


To make it easier to develop a website using Bootstrap, there are several bootstrap editors available for better and quicker bootstrapping of your website. In this...