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Basic Principles and Rules of Our Team


Self-sufficiency, responsibility, punctuality, and proactivity (within our technological stack). Every employee can and must introduce all issues and offers he/she is...

Category: Regulations

JavaScript / Node.js Tools


Editor. Description of the editors can be found here. I personally use WebStorm. The IDE highlights the code syntax, indicates errors, there is the possibility to...

Category: Programming

Git – Recommendations for “Soshace” Team


The main things that I would like to draw your attention to: 1) The commit should exactly match the name. And the title should make clear what exactly you’ve...

Category: Programming

Code Style


The main things that I would like to draw your attention to: 1) The names variables and methods should be clear and concise, don't skimp on characters. 2) Methods...

Category: Programming

How We are Looking for Proposals on UpWork


1. What technologies stack is it better to select when searching for an order at UpWork? At the present time our team specializes in JavaScript development. That is...

Category: Remote Job

Work With the Customer


Check what you write. Mind the tenses and forms. Check in or ask colleagues for help. The style and spelling of your writing form the impression...

Category: Tips

Task Estimation


First of all, I’d like to mention that everything described below is based on the real experience and is not my personal wishes. In order to correctly estimate the...