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10 Hiring Lessons from Silicon Valley: for Small and Large Companies


No matter how small or big your company is, there’s a recruitment lesson from Silicon Valley in store for you. Read on to learn how to employ the best people for your...

5 Best Tools for Managing Your Web Developer’s Salary


The days of tracking your expenses and financial plans via a cumbersome ledger are long gone: your own financial planner is now just one tap away. With a myriad of...

TOP 5 Latest Books for Hiring Best People in Tech (and Other Areas)


In this Book Review Special, we'll talk about the five latest books on recruitment that would make your hiring process easier and more efficient....

SMART Financial Goals for Remote Workers


A professional's soft and hard skills help them define their future. Their skills in financial planning, on the other hand, help them make their future real....

Dmitrii Gorobets. What do you like most about being a developer?


I'm really passionate about creating new applications and websites which will be useful for people. I like programming so much that I do it in my free...

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Soshace is looking for Independent IT Agents


Soshace is a young and energetic company with headquarters in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We provide highly professional remote software developers to companies all over...

Top 3 myths about remote web developers

Top 3 Myths About Remote Web Developers


Without a question you have heard many times about the Fortune 500 remote tech teams, which achieve from year to year incredible success in business, working remotely...

Top web development trends 2018-2019

Web development trends 2018-2019


Web development and programming is one of the most rapidly changing sphere. For a programmer, web developer or software engineer in order to keep ahead it is important...

Interview with Sergey

Interview with Sergey


I have been working as a web developer for the last 10 years, and I have experience with many languages and frameworks, including React, Meteor, Node JS, Python, and...


Top React JS Interview Questions


No need to say how difficult It is to find a professional React JS developer. The hiring process usually takes several stages, including skype interview and testing. In...

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