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How Google, Apple, and Other Tech Companies Organize Their Remote Teams


What are the best practices that tech companies use to organize their remote teams? Let's find...

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React vs. Angular: Choosing The Right Tools for Your Next Project


React and Angular, two most popular front-end technologies, fight for the “Best Front-End Solution” title. In this article, we will examine how they compare to each...

Hire a Software Engineer: Quirks of a Profession

Hire a Software Engineer: Quirks of a Profession


Hiring a software engineer is not a walk in the park. What’s the difference between a software engineer and a software developer, anyway? Let’s find...

Front-End Developer Job Description | Write a Good Job Post that Will Actually Attract Candidates

Front-End Developer Job Description | Write a Good Job Post That Will Actually Attract Candidates


What does a good job description actually look like? What are the core responsibilities of the front-end developer? How should you present your company and its culture?...

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Top 21 Angular Interview Questions | Theory and Practice for 2019


Angular framework is a great solution for your next web project. Find out how to conduct a successful technical interview with an Angular...

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Top 18 Interview Questions for Python Developers


Python developers can contribute a great deal to your project. The tricky thing is finding the best Python developers via well-conducted technical interview. Here’s...

30 JavaScript Interview Questions - Part 2 | Theory and Practice

20 JavaScript Interview Questions – Part 2


We continue the series with JavaScript interview questions, where we cover theoretical and practical questions...

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Conducting a Better Technical Interview: Problems and Solutions


Today’s technical interviews are often criticized for their arbitrariness: even the perfect job candidate may fail them. Here’s how to conduct a great tech interview...

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15 Interview Questions for Java Developers | Theory and Practice


With a large pool of available Java developers, how to make sure that you hire the best one? These questions will help you make your hiring process...

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The Importance of Showing Off Your Soft Skills


Hard (or technical) skills are easy to showcase. But what about soft skills and just how important are...