Top 3 myths about remote web developers

Top 3 Myths About Remote Web Developers

Without a question you have heard many times about the Fortune 500 remote tech teams, which achieve from year to year incredible success in business, working remotely and hiring a freelance web developer or full-time remote programmers for the projects and product development.

top angular js interview questions

Top AngularJS interview questions

Needless to say how difficult It is to find a professional AngularJS developer. The hiring process usually takes several stages, including skype interview and testing. In this article we will review the most relevant questions with the answers.

Top ten issues with freelancers

Top 10 issues when hiring freelancers

Working with freelancers and remote specialists has a lot of advantages, benefits and positive aspects. Although to utilize the remote workforce trend at full capacity and make it work well for your company you need to know the top issues which can occur during the process of hiring freelancers or remote specialists.

Where to Hire Remote Developers

Where to Hire Remote Developers

Nowadays in 2018, more and more IT companies prefer hiring developers remotely. The employment market has changed and for many reasons, you don’t need to search for a local developer to have a job done.

Interview with Alexander Troshchenko

Interview with Alexander Troshchenko

I’m a Software Developer with a long history of working in the United States ever since I’ve started my Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology in 2011.