Web Usability

Web Usability Essentials


Web usability and usability testing are those few buzzwords you can't afford to ignore. In this piece, we'll review the basic principles of web usability, look at how...

artwork depicting various data elements organized by structures

Overview of Basic Data Structures: How to Organize Data the Efficient Way


We’ll focus on the most fundamental and important ones — arrays, linked lists, stacks, and binary trees. In this article, we’ll visualize how they work, examine...

artwork depicting a stylized WordPress logo

WordPress for Non-Programmers: Introduction to the Web Development World


Nowadays, WordPress is the ultimate answer to the “How can I easily build a website?” search query. This article will guide you through the basics of site-building...

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility: Standards, Guidelines, Testing & Evaluation Tools


In this piece, we’ll address the critical importance of accessibility, the laws and regulations currently in practice, and the testing and evaluation tools you can use...

Public Speaking for Developers Demystified

Public Speaking for Developers Demystified: Tips & Tricks


In this piece, we’ll suggest the tips and techniques to help you master the art of public speaking and prepare for your next talk, be it at a tech conference or a...

artwork depicting Windows, Linux, and macOS

Operating Systems Showdown: Windows vs. macOS vs. Linux for Web Development


On the surface, all operating systems are equally capable of performing web dev-related tasks: after all, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are universal and require no...

artwork depicting a mockup design of a website

5 Critical Tips for Designing Your First Website


Tackling the challenge of designing your first website can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, learning web design with the current state of the...

artwork depicting a web interface with SEO tips

5 Essential SEO Tips for Web Developers


Proficiency in SEO is absolutely vital for today’s web developers: using the right tools and HTML tags, you can ensure that your content actually reaches its audience....

artwork depicting a stylized logo of yarn, package manager

Yarn Package Manager in 2019: Should We Keep on Comparing Yarn with Npm?


Yarn was created by Facebook, Exponent, Google, and Tilde to improve upon the package management workflow. In this article, we’ll explore Yarn thoroughly and answer...

artwork depicting the interface of a Kanban board

Working the Agile Way: Lean and Kanban


Nowadays, agile is far more than just a number of principles – it incorporates complex methodologies like Lean manufacturing and Kanban. How can they be used to...