Articles by: Pavel Bragin

Angular 2, part 2


As we sad before Angular 2 is component based. It is the analog of user’s directives, that allows to define their HTML elements, than when we are going through code we...

Angular 2, part 1


Hi folks! Today we want to talk about one cool and growing technology its name – Angular 2. What is more interesting that it has no stable version yet, but many...

Agile Software Development, Scrum part 3


Today we'll look closer at the Scrum process items. Each of this item works in it is own/unusual and specific way, helping Scrum practices come into life. Let’s start...

Agile Software Development, Scrum part 2


In the previous article we talked about an Agile development history, its famous manifest and some Scrum appearance history. Today we will talk about Scrum itself, how...

Agile Software Development, Scrum part 1


Today we want to talk about Agile principles and especially about Scrum, that had been used on a many of our projects. This article can help you to understand the basics...

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