Articles by: Pavel Bragin

Top web development trends 2018-2019

Web development trends 2018-2019


Web development and programming is one of the most rapidly changing sphere.  For a programmer, web developer or software engineer in order to keep ahead it is...


Top React JS Interview Questions


No need to say how difficult It is to find a professional React JS developer. The hiring process usually takes several stages, including skype interview and testing....

top angular js interview questions

Top AngularJS interview questions


Needless to say how difficult It is to find a professional AngularJS developer. The hiring process usually takes several stages, including skype interview and testing....

how-to-pay-your-foreign-remote-employees_The USA

How to pay your foreign remote workers?


It is becoming more and more popular to hire remote specialists not only for the short-term projects but also on a long-term basis. Companies prefer to do this for the...

Top ten issues with freelancers

Top 10 issues when hiring freelancers


Working with freelancers and remote specialists, like freelance developers, has a lot of advantages, benefits and positive aspects. As we have mentioned in our...

How to make remote work more effective

How to Make Remote Work More Effective?


It goes without saying that the remote workforce trend and so-called “telecommuting” is becoming more and more popular every day. Some employers are already...


Fortune 500 Top Employment trend 2019: Virtual Workforce


Virtual Workforce trend: Taking work out of office. Fortune 500 companies with remote jobs One of the major fortune 500 employment trends in 2019 is a Virtual...


Fortune 500 top hiring trends in 2019. How big corporations hire top talents?


Fortune 500 companies are always in real need of talents and new specialists. They are always headhunting,  even at career fairs for Ivy League students 6-8 months...

Fortune 500 HR trends

Fortune 500 top hiring trends in 2019. How top companies attract best talents?


Nowadays while the competition for the top talents is becoming increasingly intense, it is important for the companies of any size and industry to develop an...

Elastic Search Basic

Elastic Search – Basics


There's no secret that in modern Web applications the ability to find required content fast is one of the most important things. If your application isn't responsive...

Web Workers

Web Workers: Concurrency In Java Script


There are lots of articles that explain and describe concurrency in JS from different angles. Ours will be practical enough to start using concurrency immediately....

Two 2017 Collaboration Software Awards Now Belong To Soshace


Soshace recognized as a Freelance Platforms Rising Star by the FinancesOnline Directory Since its very first appearance on the market, Soshace has strived to go the...

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