Building Accessible Web Apps

Guidelines for Building Accessible Web Applications

Web accessibility covers how people with disabilities can interact, navigate, and use our websites. What we will be covering in this article is how people with...

Category: Programming
artwork depicting stylized React logo

React Lesson 1: Introduction to React

In our first React lesson, we explore the importance of modern front-end frameworks and why we need to use them in the web development process....


A/B Testing Explained + a Collection of A/B Testing Learning Resources

In this article, we’ll take a look at A/B testing, how and when it’s conducted, why it’s important, what the advantages of A/B testing are, as well as look at some...

How to Protect Yourself?

5 Website Security Threats and How to Counter Them

Securing your website and ensuring your website users are safe should be your top priority. Here are several website threats that you should be aware of before you set...

Getting Started with NextJS

NextJS Tutorial: Getting Started with NextJS

In this article, we’ll tackle one of those solutions, namely NextJS, cover the differences between NextJS and other available frameworks, answer some frequently asked...

Website Builders Review

Top 5 Free Website Builders in 2019

This article discusses some of the best tools for building websites in terms of their offerings, restrictions and whether the offered free plan will be suitable for your...

Category: Tips
artwork depicting the zip() function in Python

Python zip() Function Explained and Visualized

Continuing our "Explaining Python Functions" series, we’re taking a closer look at the zip() function in Python. Its functionality may appear trivial, but it may very...

Data Science Project Life Cycle

Data Science Life Cycle Overview

In this article, we’ll discuss the data science life cycle, various approaches to managing a data science project, look at a typical life cycle, and explore each stage...

artwork depicting a stylized laptop running Python NLP tools

Overview of Natural Language Processing Using Python Libraries

In this article, we’ll explore various Python libraries designed for natural language processing and analyze the importance of this particular...

JS Common Questions

15 Common JavaScript Questions

15 fundamental JavaScript concepts presented as Q&As with supporting...

Category: Interview

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