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Best Web Dev Medium Blogs

18 Best Web Development Blogs on Medium


In this article, we cover the best Medium blogs on web development and...

Web Usability

Web Usability Essentials


Web usability and usability testing are those few buzzwords you can't afford to ignore. In this piece, we'll review the basic principles of web usability, look at how...

artwork depicting various data elements organized by structures

Overview of Basic Data Structures: How to Organize Data the Efficient Way


We’ll focus on the most fundamental and important ones — arrays, linked lists, stacks, and binary trees. In this article, we’ll visualize how they work, examine...

How and Why to Ask for Remote Work

How and When to Ask for Remote Work


In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the strategies you can adopt to negotiate and prepare yourself for a smooth transitioning from the realms of the office...

Damir and His Cat

Why Working Remotely Is a Double-Edged Sword


Here's my personal story of why working from home is not always a good...

HR Tech Confs 2019

HR Tech Conferences Worth Your Time [2019]


This time around, we’ll cover the biggest HR Technology events that are due this year, starting from August and finishing up in November. Feel free to choose any of...

artwork depicting a stylized WordPress logo

WordPress for Non-Programmers: Introduction to the Web Development World


Nowadays, WordPress is the ultimate answer to the “How can I easily build a website?” search query. This article will guide you through the basics of site-building...

artwork depicting WebAssembly logo and various web elements around it

Introduction to WebAssembly: The Magic of Native Code in Web Apps


WebAssembly might have the potential to reshape the entire web development landscape — just like JavaScript when it was introduced back in 1995. In this article, we...

Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess: The Future of Work Will Revolve Heavily Around Flexibility


I talked to Tim Burgess, the Director of Shield GEO Services Limited, a Global Employer Organization (GEO), an expert in outsourced employment and international...

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility: Standards, Guidelines, Testing & Evaluation Tools


In this piece, we’ll address the critical importance of accessibility, the laws and regulations currently in practice, and the testing and evaluation tools you can use...