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Daily Schedule Post

Hey all! This publication will touch upon various aspects related to your daily schedule. We’ve set flexible workday beginning in our team and are open to remote work. However, certain rules need to be kept for the reason that successful business requires stability. Imagine you are one of the best experts in your area. But […]


UpWork Profile Maintenance

Hey all! This article will be devoted to your UpWork profile maintenance. If you already have an UpWork profile, you will have to delete it for the reason the UpWork administration can block both of your profiles in case of finding more than one of them. Next you enter all needed information in your new […]


Project Manager Role

Our team is constantly expanding, so we’ve got an urgent need in a new specialist, who would take a position of a project manager. So, who is he? In short, the key task of a project manager is to connect developers with a client. In general, it is quite simple. However, you can find a […]

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Basic Principles and Rules of Our Team

  Self-sufficiency, responsibility, punctuality, and proactivity (within our technological stack). Every employee can and must introduce all issues and offers he/she is interested in at the general meeting along with other employees. Contact the colleagues or the team leader on all the issues that arise. Every employee of the team is obliged to individually follow the […]


JavaScript / Node.js Tools

  Editor. Description of the editors can be found here. I personally use WebStorm. The IDE highlights the code syntax, indicates errors, there is the possibility to connect to FTP, SFTP, and much more. As to the console, in my opinion, Chrome has the most convenient one. You can read about using it here. Postman […]


Code Style

Follow the link below, Ilya Cantor gives very good recommendations: The main things that I would like to draw your attention to: 1) The names variables and methods should be clear and concise, don’t skimp on characters. 2) Methods should not exceed 30-40 lines, they are intended for solving a single specific task, and poor methods […]


How We are Looking for Proposals on UpWork

1. What technologies stack is it better to select when searching for an order at UpWork? At the present time our team specializes in JavaScript development. That is why our orders must comply with our specialization. The majority of our team members know several programming languages. Is it necessary to take it into account? The answer is no. Any order […]


Work With the Customer

It is necessary to pay attention to: 1) Politeness When corresponding and communicating, be polite and welcoming. It will help to maintain long-term relations with the customer. 2) English Check what you write. Mind the tenses and forms. Check in or ask colleagues for help. The style and spelling of your writing form the impression of you […]


Task Estimation

First of all, I’d like to mention that everything described below is based on the real experience and is not my personal wishes.

In order to correctly estimate the task, it is necessary to make the following steps in relation to the project: