Angular 2, part 1

Hi folks! Today we want to talk about one cool and growing technology its name – Angular 2. What is more interesting that it has no stable version yet, but many companies and developers have already using it for doing projects.


Node.js Experience

Let’s talk a bit about server programming, especially about Node.js, which we are using in most of our clients’ projects. Let’s take a quick look on its history. Node.js was created by Ryan Lienhart Dahl in 2009. This is a runtime environment for developing server-side of a Web Applications. It is an open-source and cross-platform technology […]


Your New Project on Angular

The Angular, it is one of the most popular and best known framework in Web development. Check its rating on GitHub, for example. In our team we have spent many hours creating apps using it, and soon we will also show you our inner projects that made with it. Please stay in tune and subscribe to our facebook too. […]


About Meteor.js

Today we’ll start some articles’ chain about stack we are using in our every day’s work. We’ve talked about React already and to continue our narrative, here is an interesting technology which we love here in Soshace. Please meet Meteor –  a full-stack JS framework that was designed for building real-time web and mobile applications. […]


Agile Software Development, Scrum part 3

Today we’ll look closer at the Scrum process items. Each of this item works in it is own/unusual and specific way, helping Scrum practices come into life. Let’s start from the product backlog which is an alive Artifact of this project framework.


Agile Software Development, Scrum part 2

In the previous article we talked about an Agile development history, its famous manifest and some Scrum appearance history. Today we will talk about Scrum itself, how it looks like from the inside, how it works also. As it had shown in a previous part of our article, Agile development is a bit more focused on a market needs and stakeholders’ interests comparing with some technologies like waterfall, for example (it does not mean that this technology is bad anyway).


Agile Software Development, Scrum part 1

Today we want to talk about Agile principles and especially about Scrum, that had been used on a many of our projects. This article can help you to understand the basics of the Agile and Scrum development and try to implement this methods in your company. So let’s start.


Short React Story

Today we want to talk about front-end technology that nowadays, is becoming more and more popular. It’s name React, created by a collaboration of Facebook and Instagram to make pretty fast job, while you are working on a front-end. Last year we were watching how most of our clients started their new projects, and refactored […]


Everyday Coding

Let us say a few words about our team. We do JavaScript project, and we doing them well. We believe, that working on a Web projects it so important to maximize productivity and increase the speed of your app, but also, reduce the development time, to show your results in a short period. We can […]