Agile Software Development, Scrum part 3

Today we’ll look closer at the Scrum process items. Each of this item works in it is own/unusual and specific way, helping Scrum practices come into life. Let’s start from the product backlog which is an alive Artifact of this project framework.


Agile Software Development, Scrum part 2

In the previous article we talked about an Agile development history, its famous manifest and some Scrum appearance history. Today we will talk about Scrum itself, how it looks like from the inside, how it works also. As it had shown in a previous part of our article, Agile development is a bit more focused on a market needs and stakeholders’ interests comparing with some technologies like waterfall, for example (it does not mean that this technology is bad anyway).


Agile Software Development, Scrum part 1

Today we want to talk about Agile principles and especially about Scrum, that had been used on a many of our projects. This article can help you to understand the basics of the Agile and Scrum development and try to implement this methods in your company. So let’s start.


UpWork Profile Maintenance

Hey all! This article will be devoted to your UpWork profile maintenance. If you already have an UpWork profile, you will have to delete it for the reason the UpWork administration can block both of your profiles in case of finding more than one of them. Next you enter all needed information in your new […]


How We are Looking for Proposals on UpWork

1. What technologies stack is it better to select when searching for an order at UpWork? At the present time our team specializes in JavaScript development. That is why our orders must comply with our specialization. The majority of our team members know several programming languages. Is it necessary to take it into account? The answer is no. Any order […]


Work With the Customer

It is necessary to pay attention to: 1) Politeness When corresponding and communicating, be polite and welcoming. It will help to maintain long-term relations with the customer. 2) English Check what you write. Mind the tenses and forms. Check in translate.google.com or ask colleagues for help. The style and spelling of your writing form the impression of you […]


Task Estimation

First of all, I’d like to mention that everything described below is based on the real experience and is not my personal wishes.

In order to correctly estimate the task, it is necessary to make the following steps in relation to the project: